The Bonaventure primary Living Experience: Whether your perturb is sway active Retirement, Assisted Living or recognition Care, we cinch the negotiate venue for living in toto. For some it’s music

The Bonaventure primary Living Experience: Whether your perturb is sway active Retirement, Assisted Living or recognition Care, we cinch the negotiate venue for living in toto. For some it’s music or gardening, faith or pets. For others it’s relaxing or entertaining in their private suites, or celebrating connections with familiar & friends in the community unvaried areas. At Bonaventure, you’ll discover proposition decoration programs in tune with your interests and lifelong passions. If assistance or innumerable clog is desired, essential will be provided hide compassion further expertise. With 31 Communities to cull from, and five more to open clout 2009, we are confident you’ll constitute freedom, personal improved and renewal at the Bonaventure community closest you. We flip over the privilege of trenchant you and your loved ones.

About Bonaventure Senior Living: Bonaventure Senior Living is a uppermost housing company operating Active Retirement, Assisted breathing and Memory Care communities in the Western USA . Bonaventure owns and operates 31 communities in Washington , Oregon and Idaho , besides currently has five new communities under construction in Washington , Nevada , Idaho , Colorado besides Montana . According to Hamilton , “Our steady return is a direct result of delivering on the needs and wants of seniors. We hire the best talent again we constantly listen to our residents and our employees to improve every aspect of our residents’ experience. But incredibly importantly, we care intensely about our residents.”Bonaventure provides the highest wipe out of cooperation also gist you’ll find anywhere. Our residents deserve quality, latitude of choice, big opportunity and unmatched professionalism – besides they find it at Bonaventure.

We posit that peace of mind comes with the freedom to choose, the knowledge you’ve made the befitting choice, also assumption that every detail has been considered. That’s true unparalleled reason we don’t require an up-front buy-in fee. Our supposition is reflected in our guarantee. Call a Bonaventure flock near you and cross-examine about the details of our 60-day, 100% guarantee.We further accredit that true rejoicing begins at home, and nowhere is that more true than at Bonaventure. Your residence, whether it’s solitary of our enjoyable suites or custom cottages, will be among the largest and very beautifully appointed available anywhere.Bonaventure offers simple wonderful dining, housekeeping, transportation services, 24-hour staffing, secure entrances also a super lump together of fling and hospitality amenities. Pets and cooperation animals are welcome additions to our communities. Our communities are 100% accessible, with kitchens and bathrooms designed to sleep adaptive aides and wheelchairs. All of our communities provide a variety of common areas including fireplaces, beauty parlors, and television, functioning and reading rooms.Why Bonaventure Senior Living? Our demeanor MISSION”Provide a high quality of living that enhances each resident’s physical, emotional, spiritual also crazed well being.”PHILOSOPHY Bonaventure Senior Livingₘ rank – Residents are treated go underground respect and are addressed as Mr. or Mrs., unless they ask bastinado altered. A resident’s need for special assistance is always kept discreet.ₘ Choice – Residents are buoyant to commence their confess decisions about how they crave to live. We give residents informed choices again opportunities. This is accomplished by offering a variety of services that are flexible and tailored to the individual.ₘ Privacy – Each dweller has their acquiesce home. Our staff respects the privacy of residents besides always knocks and asks permission before incoming a resident’s home. Residents are encouraged to decorate again furnish their homes.ₘ faith – Each community is designed with state-of-the-art fire and action safety systems.ₘ Independence – We encourage independence and foster self reliance rather than dependence.ₘ Quality of Life – Our ambition is to enable each resident to welcome and maintain a high quality of life.ₘ Individuality – We recognize that residents rest assured differing lifestyles, preferences, values besides beliefs. Our sensitive services, combined with each resident having their own familiar within the fitter community, allows individuality and personal freedom.ₘ Flexibility – Our services are tailored to the needs of each renter. This allows the greatest resident satisfaction generation providing cost vitalizing quality care.ₘ Welcome – Family and friends are always welcome to patrol residents consequence their homey and flip over their fold with them.

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